Spiritual Readings With Avona

Each reading is as unique as the individual receiving one. Connection is made with the higher guidance and permission to receive and relay information requested. Once permission is granted, images and information initially flow in the form of colors and images and are described in a brief introduction, thus establishing a connection. Then, general and specific questions may be asked. The information revealed is directed by the questioner’s higher guidance and appropriate for the moment.

Most people know that they are more than flesh and bones and some are aware of the energy fields that expand out around us. In some ways we are like the earth with a solid core and increasingly less dense areas outward until the atmosphere becomes a fine mist. It would be better said that our bodies are in us rather we are in our bodies. Our fields expand outward in great spheres and our spheres overlap and interact at many levels with all of our co-inhabitants in our world. Avona learned to expand her energy field and shift her attention to those areas in our great “sphere of existence” and “attune” to the person, place or thing in question. Much like one would shift their focus of view from the pages of a book to outside the window to spot a singing bird. Everyone is capable of such perceptive ability; most simply have yet to learn how to use their innate higher sensory perceptions.